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Kimadia Delivers New Incubators to Baghdad Children’s Hospital

BAGHDAD—This week the Al Alwiyah Pediatric Hospital welcomed the arrival of five new incubators as part of a shipment of 20 that recently arrived in Iraq.

The shipment includes five incubators already received by the facility and 10 delivered to other hospitals in the Baghdad area. Assessments indicate that as much as 65 percent of equipment in Iraq’s hospitals is not functional or in need of repair or replacement. The incubators delivered today represent: An integral part of the Ministry’s focus on maternal and child health with the ambitious but attainable goal of reducing the infant mortality rate by one half by the end of 2005, only a fraction of the more than 25,000 tons of pharmaceuticals and supplies that the Ministry of Health has delivered since May 2003, and one facet of the MOH equipment purchase and installation program.

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