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Eight Health Students Among Fulbright Scholars to Study In the United States

WASHINGTON-Secretary of State Colin Powell welcomed the 25 Iraqi participants in the Fulbright International Scholarship Program to the U.S. State Department on Monday, February 2, 2004. Among the group were eight who will begin their advanced studies in various health fields later this year...

Minister Visits Renovated Day Care Center

BAGHDAD, January 19, 2004 - Today Dr. Khudair Abbas, Iraqi Minister of Health, visited the newly renovated Nursery and Day Care Center at the Ministry’s Headquarters. Dr. Abbas celebrated the opening of the new facility with the center’s staff and MOH employees The old center was ravaged by looters last spring. Its renovation is part of a US$1.7 million rehabilitation project that includes the entire Ministry of Health Headquarters building in downtown Baghdad, and a $3 million rehab of the entire Ministry of Health Complex...

Senior Advisor visits Al Alwiyah Maternity Hospital

BAGHDAD—Mr. Jim Haveman, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Health visited Al Alwiyah Maternity Hospital on Monday, January 12, 2003 and met with Dr. Mohammed Ghani Chabek, Director General of the hospital who is also a practicing OBGYN and laparoscopic surgeon. While visiting the facility Mr. Haveman attended a retirement ceremony for Dr. Najla Al-Barnouti an OBGYN who has worked for the Ministry of Health for 40 years...

Kimadia Delivers New Incubators to Baghdad Children’s Hospital

BAGHDAD—This week the Al Alwiyah Pediatric Hospital welcomed the arrival of five new incubators as part of a shipment of 20 that recently arrived in Iraq. The shipment includes five incubators already received by the facility and 10 delivered to other hospitals in the Baghdad area. Assessments indicate that as much as 65 percent of equipment in Iraq’s hospitals is not functional or in need of repair or replacement...

Public Health Team Sends Simpson off as a Colonel

BAGHDAD - During her last week with the public health team, Lt. Colonel Diane Simpson was promoted to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. The CPA-MOH contingent held a promotion ceremony at the former military Parade grounds. Colonel Simpson has been in Iraq since March and will out-process from her deployment and return to her work with the U.S. Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta...

Caring for the Future of Iraq: Rassmia Abbas Ibrahim, Director of the MOH Nursery and Day Care Center Has Seen Her Dream Restored

BAGHDAD - Her eyes are filled with tears. She still can’t get over the shock of seeing her third floor completely looted, her children’s nursery she had put so much passion into for more than 25 years totally destroyed. “Children are my life. I have dedicated my entire existence to these tiny, defenseless creatures,” says Rassmia Abbas Ibrahim, supervisor of the new nursery and day care at the Ministry of Health’s downtown headquarters...


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