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The best source for health information is at MOH hospitals and Primary Health Centers. Also, MOH Headquarters in downtown Baghdad is open daily, except for Fridays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm for walk-in requests. Interested parties should take their questions to the Visitors Information Center where they will be directed to the appropriate department.

Questions can also be directed to:

Tenders and Contract Information:

Iraqi Business Center:

Evacuation of Iraqi Nationals for Medical Care Outside of Iraq:

This policy applies to both sick children and adults. Those seeking medical evacuation should report to the nearest MOH facility. The below process will be followed.

First the individual seeking care must be evaluated by an Iraqi physician who will refer the patient to a specialist or refer the patient’s file to the MOH for consideration for care outside the country.

A committee within the MOH evaluates the patient files and makes the ultimate determination as to whether adequate care can be provided at an Iraqi health facility.

If a case is determined to require specialized care not available at this time in Iraq, the patient file is forwarded for action. Care will then be coordinated for treatment and logistics with donor countries and facilities outside of Iraq.

There is currently a lengthy waiting list of patients already categorized as needing care outside of Iraq.

The process is designed to help ensure that all those needing specialized care outside of the Iraq are afforded the opportunity for treatment and so that the system is not exploited to serve only those with money or connections.

Donor Coordination:

The effort to rebuild the health care sector comes after an extended period of neglect and exploitation. The sector needs an influx of capital to help build a sustainable health care system. Interested parties should direct their inquiries to:

As communications capabilities improve this information will be updated to reflect those changes.

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